I am half dead, hope you are alive and happy 😉
I also hope I did not scare you to much today. It was a very intensive lecture with a lot of new information for you. What you need to do now is to print out the lecture 1 slides. Read them and try to explain to yourself what they mean. If you can not remember all I said 🙁 try to ”google” on the words and you will probably find some texts that will give you some idea what I meant. We do not have any textbook that covers the first lecture.

On today’s slide no 151 an example of ”Responsible Corporate Officers doctrine” could be an individual who is responsible for an environmental crime committed by a corporation if the person is in charge for the corporation.

Case C-6/64 Flaminio Costa v E.N.E.L. is now on the homepage. Print out the case and bring it to the next lecture.
Print also out case C-461/10 from homepage and bring it to next lecture.
Buy or print out Law Text Compendium and bring to next lecture.

If you are not too tired and want to read something you can start with chapter 2 page 47-77 in the book The Foundations of European Union Law. I will talk about that chapter tomorrow on lecture 2.

Feel free to write something about today’s lecture. What was good? What was bad?

Take care 😉
See you tomorrow
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4 Responses to “Mälardalen University, Introduction to Commercial Law, Lecture 1”

  1. Hi, maybe it is just my never failing Mac or the case c-6-64 is saved as a ”view only pdf”. I can’t print it after I opened it!
    Could you please check? Thanks

  2. It’s working!

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