Hi again

Seminar B regarding IP-Law.
I feel that we had a good discussion around the questions and I am very satisfied with your answers. Some of the questions were a little bit difficult and maybe you did not understand what answer I expected but I hope that you learned some new things when we, together, discussed the answers.

Now you will have two lectures of International Tax Law and after that we will continue with Competition Law and Public Procurement.

Take care 🙂
Best regards,

12 Responses to “Mälardalens University, Introduction to Commercial Law, Seminar B”

  1. Although the seminars are quite time-consuming in preparation, I think it is one of the best ways of learning. I enjoyed especially the last one, it was tough however, but I learned a lot and things are clearer now. Thank you 🙂

  2. Is it going to be a webinar on the lecture tomorrow? I would really appreciate that.


  3. Hi,
    Is it enough to email the final seminar to both you and Inger?

  4. Hi,
    WIll you please tell Inger that her lectures on Tax law was very good and easy to understand.
    I think that she received a lot of criticism for her other lectures and it might be nice for her to hear something nice as well 😉

  5. Hi Krister!,
    I saw that ”The Swedish Competition Act” is posted on the homepage. Do you believe it is necessary/advantageous for us to print the entire 33 pages? Or is it ’enough’ that we follow the projector in class?

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