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Today’s lecture did not come out exactly the way I wanted. I spend too much time talking about the legal system in USA. I wanted to explain more in detail about the Data protection Directive but I run out of time. It is very important that you reed the Directive, you find it on the home page, at the same time as you read the IT book chapter 2 and look on the homepage of the Swedish Data Inspection Board. You will find the link on the home page. Try to understand how Sweden has implemented the different parts of the Directive in the Swedish Personal Data Act.

You will get more information about Directives and different EU Laws in next lecture.

Take good care of yourself,

6 Responses to “Mälardalens University Introduction to Commercial Law Lecture 2”

  1. Dear Krister, I thought that the lecture was very interesting and at the same time full of information. However since this blog is to recomend different things, I would like to mention that since the subject of law is so broad you should not answer all of the questions that student ask you since probably every question would take alot of time out of very interesting subjects such as the ”Data protection Directive”.
    But I enjoyed alot the way of conducting the lecture.

    • OK, tanks for the advice. I think you are right. I will shorten down time for answering questions in future.

  2. For just have jumped in to teach at MDH in such short notice I found the lecture very interesting.
    But since I think we have little lecture-time maybe it would be wise to answer the questions at the end of the lecture.
    And not wasting precious time answering if you are allowed to have 2 or more wifes in Sweden…….
    We as students should stick to the subject “international” “commercial” law and should not go off topic.

  3. Hi!..when and where (on the blogg?) will you post the time and groups for the seminar a/b?

    // A

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