The first and maybe the only Webinar on this course, I have not decided yet about the future.
I will wait and see what comments I will get here on the blogg.

I, personally, think it was a OK Webinar. Maybe it was to much jumping between documents but on the other hand I don’t know how to do it in a better way. It is always a question of time. To make it better I think I must have a two hour Webinar on this subject, maybe with 10 minutes brake after one hour. But I don know if you would listen to me that long?

I am convinced that this will be the way in future to learn, but we need to develop the way we structure the courses to make the best out of it.

I am very interested in your opinions on how to improve this.

Feel free to write, good and bad things about the Webinar.

The link to the Webinar movie is now on homepage and you can also print out the case with my marks.

Best regards,

17 Responses to “Mälardalen University, Introduction to Commercial Law, Webinar 1”

  1. I thought the webinar was great and I hope we can have more of those. I found it much easier to see and to follow than on a regular lecture. Thumbs up for webinars 🙂

  2. Hi Krister,

    I have a question about the question 2 of the seminar preparation sheet: I says in it ”as well as a specific contract”. What do you mean by that? Shall we take a random contract and analyze that as well or just be prepared how one could have problems with the interpretation in an international contract?


  3. Hey Krister,

    I would like to have another webinar.
    For me it was the first time I had that and I really liked it, as mentioned above it was easier to follow than in a regular lecture, I don´t know if its because I was alone, but I could concentrate more on the lecture.

    For me, who lives 1 hour away from Västeras, it is definetly a better way since I was so extremely tired on the last 8 o clock lecture that I couldn´t concentrate…

    I would be the happiest person if we could – at least the 8 o clock lectures – do as a webinar (or some of them), but of course if there are people who don´t like the idea I have to respect that of course.

    And I would prefer to have the lecture on the 4th of january as a webinar, so everybody who is still in his home country can listen to your lecture, even when hes physically far away.

    I read the case in advance and some things were quite complicated and I liked how you summarised certain parts and explained it in one simple sentence. I really understand now what the case is about and how it is structured.

    So I vote for more webinars :), thank you

  4. Hi Krister,
    I thought the webinar was great! As others have already mentioned, it was clear and easy to follow. Its easier to spread out papers (compendium and the court ruling etc.) with more space at home, and this also made it easier to follow the lecture as you jumped between the different papers. I’d also appreciate more webinars, especially the early lectures:)
    Best regards,

  5. Hi,
    What happens if I cannot attend one of the seminars?

  6. Hi Krister and Inger,
    I just wanted to say that I thought that today’s lecture was the best one we’ve had in EU law and CISG so far. The explanations were clearer and more examples were given for us to relate to, and we didn’t get stuck on specific acts/questions for too long. I really enjoyed it. Thank you!

    • Thanks, we are happy to hear that 🙂

    • Thats true:the lecture was better.Inger really expained it good,she seemed to be really sure was she was talking about.I really could follow you,good job Inger :)!
      And Kristers beginning part with when to apply the CISG was awsome,so easy to understand now!what a good idea with the picture!

      But people should stop coming late into the room,especially after the break.i understand when someone is traveling and comes a bit later or leaves a bit earlier,but coming too late after the break is just annoying and disturbing..

  7. Hey,
    I liked the webinar on monday: it was easy to follow and a good experience.
    I would like to have more of them, especially at the 8 o clock lectures 🙂

  8. It was my first time on webinar and i really enjoyed it! The webinar was great! It would be great we have more webinar! It would be great to our 8.15 classes on webinar! 🙂

  9. I agree with what the others have said, I also enjoyed the webinar and would like to have some more in the future 🙂
    It seems like a good idea to have it at 8 since there are students that have to travel for a few hours.
    Thank you,

  10. I also really enjoyed the webinar, it was great for an 1-hour lecture but how will it be if we are going to sit in front of a computer for 4 hours? I don’t live in Västerås but I I’m not sure about having a 4-hour lecture online.

  11. Hi, I think the webinar was great and would like to have more of them!

  12. Hey, I liked the webinar as well, it was much better and easier to follow that I imagined. I am a bit sceptic though about having a 4 hour webinar (as someone else said earlier), because I think I would stop focusing after a while. I also prefer to be ”face to face” with the teacher when I ask questions, because often Im having a problem of understanding if I cant ask properly. Anyhow, a lecture which can be recorded could be a good option for those who dont want to travel in the mornings.
    I also want to say that the lecture yesterday was very good! Felt like a lot of things and connections fell into place. Easy to follow and good examples 🙂
    / Annie

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