Hi again

This was the last lecture for this course 🙁 , I miss you already 😉

Now it is only some hard work left for you and when that is done I am pretty sure that you will pass the exam.
You have the slides from today’s summary on the homepage and you will also find the recordings from today’s summary on the homepage.

I hope you have enjoyed the course and i wish you all good luck with the exam, future studies and in your life 🙂 .

Thanks for everything 😉
Best regards,

17 Responses to “Mälardalen University, Introduction to Commercial Law, Summary 2”

  1. Hej,

    En fråga ang. tentan…vissa engelska ord vägrar bara fastna i mitt huvud fastän jag vet vad de innebär osv. Får man fel om man skulle skriva vissa ord på svenska om det har rätt betydelse?

    • Hi

      Interesting question.
      You are asking if you will get grading points if you, on the exam, answer with a Swedish word instead of an English word.

      The answer is: I will not read the Swedish word at all and you will get no points for it in the grading.
      The reason for this is that it is a course given in English and I cannot grade words written in Chinese or Japanese or hundreds of other languages so it would not be fair to all other students if I accept answers in Swedish.

      Sorry 🙁

      Best regards,

  2. Speaking of the exam. Will it be held on campus or some place else? I can’t find any information about that.

  3. I’m confuesed about patents.in the lecture you said there in no EU patent,but when I googel it it says there it an EU patent?

  4. Hi Krister

    Would it be possible to publish the exam we had yesterday with the answers on the blogg ?
    Will the exam results be out within 20 working days or would it be before that ?


  5. Hi Krister

    I heard that the exams have been graded and will be given out within next 2 days.

    I was wondering if you will be able to publish the exam answers so we could compare our answers with the correct one 🙂

    Sorry if I sound little pushy just feeling little nervous 🙂

    Best Regards,

  6. Hi Krister!
    Will you publish any statistics for the grades of the exam?

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