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Seminar A regarding CISG.
I am quite happy with today’s seminar. So many of you came and i felt that most of you were very well prepared. No doubt We must have scared you a lot 😉 .
I feel that it is a little bit better with smaller groups and it is more easy for you to speak. We went through all the questions and we really opened up the question and covered a broader area then just answering the question. I think that will be very valuable for you in the future exams. Maybe you felt that you got to little time to present your answers? Let me know how you feel? It is important for me to get feedback since we have one more seminar coming up.
I am now very confident that you have a good understanding about CISG and a good training in reading and understanding a convention and that will help you when we start to dig into the Berne Convention on Monday. Be happy we have a lot more to learn 🙂

The slides about offer and accept is now on the home page.

Thank you all, You did great today, I am impressed.
Have a nice weekend and see you Monday morning 🙂

Best regards,

4 Responses to “Mälardalen University, Introduction to Commercial Law, Seminar A”

  1. I thought the seminar was really good and it kind of summed up everything about CISG to make it even more clear to us 🙂

  2. I agree, it was a good seminar which made us read the entire scope of CISG and get the views of all students.
    I don’t think that we got too little time to present our topics. I think that some questions were worth a bit more elaborating than others. And the seminar I think covered the most important parts of the Convention.

  3. Hej,
    I prefer seminars in general to lectures. Sometimes it felt we discussed a lot of the questions during the last lecture, not sure if that was your intention.
    Another thing is that I sometimes missed a clear structure. We as a group went through the cisg paragraph by paragraph and linked them to each other. Sometimes you were jumping in between paragraphs and left some (I thought) important ones out.
    Looking forward to Friday.

  4. I liked the seminar a lot and I think it is a very good way of learning. And it was clever of you that you told us that the seminar is important. Thus, we prepared well. 🙂

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