First Webinar in the course has now been done.

I am very interested in getting feedback from you?

The link to the movie from the webinar is now on course home page.

Unfortunately I made a misstake, and Did not get any recording from the last 15 minutes of the webinar 🙁

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8 Responses to “Mälardalen University Introduction To Commercial Law, Lecture 9 Webinar”

  1. We were a little bit surprised when the webinar were mainly about lecture 3, since we had already collected the information about that lecture on our own when that lecture got cancelled. It was for us very difficult to get all the information concerning lecture 9 in only 30 min, when it was supposed to be 3 hours. How are we going to get that information about lecture 9 when you didn’t record it? How are we going to go back into it and understand it?

  2. I prefere your lectures to the webbinars! Had a hard time getting access to the page!

  3. Well in my opinion your webinar is not as educational for me as an ordinary lecture. What I like out of webb based classes is the interaction between teacher and students goes smoothly, without interruptions. Or it’s pre-recorded so you can pause every time you have a question or you need to recap what the teacher said. You webinar had none of that. The student questions where not incorporated but kind of on the side which made a weird pause. Furthermore I found harder to follow what you wanted to teach and you perhaps need a better mic.

  4. As for a distance student, webinars are a great tool to get a great brief while restudying the slides from a lecture. More webinars would be helpful since apparently not everyone makes into a classroom. Great thing of webinars is that there are no interruptions and it is very easy to follow.

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