Hi again

Today was a very tough lecture. I think it started very good, the first hour flew away. After the coffee brake we went into the more heavy part, pinpointing the most important articles in Berne Convention. I forgot to take a brake 🙁 and I am glad that you finally asked for a brake but I think it was a little bit to late. I am glad you did not fall asleep. Anyway the last part of the lecture was a little disorganized, sorry for that. As a compensation I have uploaded on the homepage some EU Directives and the Swedish Copyright Act. I have marked all important parts with yellow color. I will do a short summary of the Swedish Copyright Act on the next lecture.

Unfortunately the recording of the lecture only worked the first hour, I don’t know what happened after that. It is too difficult for me to focus on both the recording and the lecture at the same time. The subject is too difficult for that 🙁 . Now my other computer is rendering the movie and I will put it out on the homepage as soon as it is ready.

The slides for Wednesdays lecture is now on the homepage.

Take care 😉

8 Responses to “Mälardalen University, Introduction to Commercial Law, Lecture 8”

  1. Hi,Krister. I have a problem of printing slides lecture 10 part 1. It seems that the printing button is not in color and I have tried to save it in my computer then after I open the file in my computer I still can’t press the printing button . Is there anything wrong ?

  2. Hi,
    Where can I find which article Sweden still has signed? In CISG.


  3. Hi Krister!
    I’m wondering if there’s any possibility of making a recording of tomorrow’s lecture? As there is a a warning put up by SMHI that there can come up to 40 cm of snow tonight and tomorrow morning, I’m feeling a bit worried about my car trip from Eskilstuna if the weather is that bad in the morning when its still dark and the traffic is heavy. It would feel a lot safer to sit at home and follow the lecture:)
    Best regards,

  4. Hi krister,
    I would like to share whats am feeling . am feeling that it’s hard to pass the law exam because it’s a hard subject with a lot of information and too short period of time . as a student studying this subject for the first time … and each book takes only 2 lectures .. i think it’s too much

    best regards

    • Hi
      I know it is tough.
      But it is not impossible. If you study hard, follow our instructions, come to the lectures and the seminars then you will have enough to make it. 😉

      Best regards,

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