In todays lecture we talked about the different courts in Europe. It is important for you to know the name of the different courts and what kind of cases they give judgement on. Look at the lecture slides and go to the homepage for each court. Look around on the home pages so you get a little bit familiar with each court.

We went briefly through one case from ECJ. I don’t expect you to read all papers concerning the case. It was only an introduction to case studies.

On the next lecture it is important that you bring the Law Text Compendium.

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  1. Hello, I cant find the information I’m looking for so I’m asking you instead. What is permitted and NOT permitted to write in the compendium? =)

    • Hi

      Following is allowed to write in Law Text Compendium:
      1) references to other parts in the compendium
      2) underline words
      3) coloring words
      4) Write key words, in the margin, that you find in the text. The words can not build a sentence
      5) Tags to find different part in The Compendium

      Best regards,

  2. Hi
    When we start to write the written exam. When we refer to an article. Can we use exactly as it says in the book or do we have to re-write it?

  3. A question regarding our course material. It seems like the law text compendium will be more frequently used than our books. Do we need the books then?

  4. Hi, thanks for an interesting lecture.
    Could you please upload an good example from a previous case seminar that a group has written ? So we all can see how we should formulate ourselves. Because I find it difficult how you want the case to look like and how the reference etc should look like.

    • Hi

      Thanks, always nice to talk to interested students 🙂

      Unfortunately I cant do that because it would be a violation of students copyright.

      Best regards,

  5. Hi,

    I just want to say that I really liked the Webinar!
    Great info and you make it easy to follow and also it´s very good that you read the answers to the Questions and then make a comment in your own words.

    Looking forward to next lecture!

  6. the webinar was very helpful than!

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