In the second lecture we were focusing on the Swedish Acts preparatory work. It is very important to understand the whole process to be able to interpret the acts.

The hierarchy of legal sources in Sweden, from practical point of view, is also important to understand.

Study the slides and try to explain them to your self. If you don’t understand what they say then you must read more in the book and/or search on Internet for explanation.

We are still going through some basic material before we will go into the actual acts that are more relevant for the up coming assignment.

Except from some minor computer problem I feel the lecture was pretty ok.
Please feel free to write some feedback.

Best regards,

3 Responses to “Mälardalen University Introduction To Commercial Law, Lecture 2”

  1. Hi Krister!
    I much enjoy your lectures and I find them professional as well as entertaining but I was wondering where your ”videos” are located? I’m looking forward to listening to them again to better understand the book and your lectures helps with the walls of never ending text that is in there.


    • Hi
      The videos will come out later in the course and are more intended for repetition close to the exam.
      Best regards,

  2. Hi,

    I have 2 questions, first, how, what and where are we allowed to write in the compendiums? I know you told us the first day of lectures, I just want to check that I am thinking correctly!
    Secondly, when on lecture, people ask a lot of questions from time to time witch is good. But sometimes it gets a little to much and we zoom out since it feels like many of the questions does not belong to the subject at hand. Maybe if the questions that aren’t relevant could either be answered after class or that they would be answered on the lecture when the subject is issued.


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