Hope you survived the first lecture 🙂

I am always very nervous the first lecture and it takes a while to get used to the language but I hope I you could understand my English.
The first lecture is of course different from the rest because it is a lot of information regarding the course that I must go through so it takes a while until the real lecture can start.
I want you to understand that the integration with social media in the course is a way to keep you a little bit more involved. For you who has no interest in different social media i will try, during the course, to show you how important social media can be for information regarding the course subject. Social media is not only about what others have done during the day, just wait and see.

Please give me feedback about what you thing regarding the first lecture. What was bad, good and OK? Important for me to get feedback during the whole course so I can learn how to improve the teaching.

The seminar group list is now published on the homepage. Check it out and let me know if something did not come out the way you wanted. I also need to get in contact with some of you during next lecture.

I am working on editing the movie from today 🙂

Take care and see you tomorrow 😉
Best regards

8 Responses to “Mälardalen University, Introduction To Commercial Law Lecture 1”

  1. Hi,

    You said we supose to print the case C-461/10 for tomorrows lecture (Intellectual Property Law) and the website showes a lot of dcouments , should we print all of them ? ( 2 judgements, application and opinion)



  2. Hi,
    I have an administrative question regarding the seminars, should we start trying solve the questions for Intellectual Property using the book, lectures and internet ? or we should wait for more information to come through lectures then we start solve them?

    Other question regarding the seminars , should we submit a report about each topic in each seminar? or we need only to be ready for complete oral discussion?

    Thanks for your efforts


  3. Hi

    is that we not submit written report for both seminar A and B but we will do that in Exam 1??

    Best regads

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