First lecture is done. It was a bit tough, always same nervousness for the first lecture. It seems that I will never get used to stand in front of people and talk. Anyway, it is done now.

I have send out a login mail for the course homepage. If you did not get it, please check your folder for Junk Mail, maybe it ended up there 🙁

The movies from today’s lecture is now on homepage. I am a little behind with slides for next lecture, but it will come out tomorrow. Hope you have time to print it out before next lecture.

Don’t forget to order the literature for the course. I just got information that the Law Text Compendium is available at Student Desk. Please buy it and bring it to next lecture.

So, what Do you feel, so far, about the course. Any feedback to me? Good or bad? Please let me know.

Take care 🙂

Best regards

8 Responses to “Mälardalen University Introduction to Commercial Law Lecture 1”

  1. The lecture was really interesting, I have never studied law before and it seemed very tough in the beginning but the way of explaining was very effective. looking forward to more learning 🙂

  2. i like the recording lecture thing. its really helpful.

  3. They didn’t have law compendium half an hour ago at student desk

    • Hi
      I tried to call them now, but they were already closed for the day.
      In MDHs management program it says the printer have delivered and closed the issue.
      I will talk to them tomorrow.
      Sorry 🙁
      Best regards

  4. The lecture was good and very interesting!
    I can’t seem to find the law question on Facebook. Do you only post questions on twitter?

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