Hello everybody,
This message is about EU law. The lectures are on Wednesday 11,Thursday 12 and Thursdag 19 December. EU law is complicated and I have written a special paper about the main topics in EU Law which Krister will publish. The book TC Hartley is on a rather high level but I have given you references in the paper to the pages you should read. I hope this will be helpful for you. Within short I will add the OH:s. Contact me if any questions. I read the blogg every day.
All the best

6 Responses to “Mälardalen University, Introduction To Commercial Law Inger Paulin”

  1. Hi Inger,

    should we print out the Tax Law Compendium and bring it to the lecture on Monday?

  2. Hi, yes the tax compendium you should print out and bring it to the lectures next week..Welcome!

  3. which the book is for tax law??

  4. Hello
    My question is to krister, concerning the seminar question no. 1,as I understand it, we have to distinguish between the different durations of prectection for different IPs like copyright, patent, trademark and design protection and discuss why they need to be protected, am I right?

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