To all Students
Welcome to Introduction to Commercial Law
I hope we will have an interesting time together for the next ten weeks and that we will have some discussions in this blog.

See you this afternoon
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  1. I thought that both Mr. Frost and teacher Paulin had a much higher level of Engish that many, not to say all, of the lecturers that at least I have had in Mälardalens University.

  2. Wow, thank you.

  3. Hi Krister!
    I agree with the first comment, sounds a litle bitt like Hans Rosling when he does his talks. Both the vocabulary and the Swedish accent are there.

    Probably you already know this, but the Ppt presentations Lecture Slide 1 and 2 doesn´t work. The page sends you forward to an error page.

    • OK, i must listen to Ted some time 🙂

      Please reload the homepage and I am sure it will work now, my misstake 🙁 , sorry.

  4. Hi krister!
    Thank you for the first lecture which gave me a feedback about the course, but can you give me a feedback for the textbooks, there are three different books,but which book and chapter should we start reading and focus on it first?

  5. Hi
    Start with IT Law book. Chapter 1, 2 and 10.
    I will talk about that on next lecture.

  6. Hello Krister,

    I have a question about the final seminar on 25th May and summary on 30th May. Unfortunately, my remaining days in Sweden is about finished, so I am trying to make travelling plans. For the final seminar, are we just going to give back our papers to you? I mean that are we going to do anything except giving our papers? Is it possible to give our papers before 25th May and not attend the seminar if we don’t do something special in the seminar? For the summary, does it take place from 10:15 AM to 15:00 PM or can it be shorter?

    • Hi
      On the Final Seminar on May 25 we will discuss your ”mandatory-exampaper” that you have given us on May 18. The Seminar is not mandatory but I do advice you to attend. The Summery on May 30 will probably end at 12 am and it will be a summery about relevant subjects for the written exam. I strongly recommend u to attend.

  7. Hi,
    Me and my group mate have a question about the 1st question: when you say:”Elaborate eg.on sphere of appication of CISG including limitation”… and say again:” what alternative are there is the contract say that CISG shall not apply” we think that it is quite similar or is there any other difference?

    Thank you for answering

  8. Another question:

    Is there any limitation we have when writing the case for Seminar A (how many pages?)

    • Hi
      You don’t have to present anything in writing for seminar A and B. The seminars is no examination.

    • Dear Iris,
      Elaborate on Sphere of Application of CISG refers to when the Convention is applicable: what does Art 1 say? Limitations: what does Article 2, 3 and 4 say.
      If the contract is outlined and concerns issues that make CISG not applicable what are the alternatives? Look at chapeter 5 p 84, 85. Try to give exemples o any other applicable law or model conventions. Include the contract itself in this discussion.
      I hope this clarafies – just refer to how you believe that this situation will be dealt with.

      I tried to be clear during the lecture and I am sorry if I did not get the message through.. You are not going to present any written paper to me on Siminar A but you are suppused to discuss all 8 subject and give your oral opinions on one of them.

  9. hi,

    To Inger

    I really wish you to explain more because sista redovsning (last time) you were just reading the slides. We ourselves can read at home, when we come at mdh WE WANT EXPANATIONS, EXAMPLES THAT WILL HEP US UNDERSTAND BETER.
    If it is complicated, try and try again, I think it’s better to understand well few things than not understanding at all everything. We want to understand the course,which is the reason why I took it. We cannot know everything but we need the necessary.

    Thank you to consider this critik
    We all need critics to be better 😉

    Have a nice weekend everybody

  10. I will consider your opinion but you also need to understand that the purpose of the slide is to structure the materials and pinpoint what is important.
    The explanations behind all definitions etc are in the textbook. The hard work for you is to study the textbook and on the seminars we will discuss different definitions more in dept.
    I also want to point out that I have said several times during the lectures that since we have so little time for the lectures you are welcome to contact me on my e-mail address if you want any explainations and I really mean that.
    Thank you for your opinion
    Best regardss

  11. Thanks
    Hope youä’re having a good Valborgdagen


  12. Eeading list and past exam quesitons

    I am just curious about what chapters we (students) should focus on and in what books? Because i am really confuse how i should prepare for exam. As many of my fellow students are wondering, we would also like to see how exam questions look like so we get an idea and If we get that as soon as possible since many of us are already preparing for exams.


    • This is from Inger.
      I teach EU law, Contract Law and Tax law Individual/ Working abroad.
      EU law- read chapter 1-6 in the book. I will publich OH with the most importans subjects shortly.
      Tax law Individual: OH will be published and explained at the lecuture 16/5 and also a compendium is available on the home page.
      I have given you OH.s regarding EU Law and explained how to study the book with the help available at the home page Have you followed those intructions? It is much easier to learn the subject by answering the various questions to each chapter.
      Best regards and Good luck!!

  13. hello
    I am wondering where can i find EC treaty? Because it is not on the homepage.

  14. I assume that you mean TFEU Treaty of the Functioning of the European Union or also possibly TEU Treaty on the European Union. You can search on the EU page that is on the cource home page but I find it complicated to search there. The easiast way it to Google on TFEU and yoy get the consolidated version.
    Best regards

    • No i meant EC treaty as mentioned in Question two of Seminar B

      • Hi

        If you look at the movie from the webinar you will find the answer to your question.
        You can find the movie on the home page.

  15. Hi,

    About the final Seminar

    Me and my group mates were wondering if we can invent information like saying that Mats went to look at book in UK because he thought that as the books are printed in the UK, they will turn out to be cheaper than in Sweden, but he was wrong, and that was the reason why he didn’t think about asking about the price of the book.

  16. Question about the seminar
    Is it the seller or the buyer in charge of the cariage of the books? Will we invent who was responsible of the transport or???

  17. UK is not in the CISG. Hence, are we going to elaborate on the subject as UK is in the CISG or not?

  18. hi,
    Can we write a little more than 5 pages?? Because we want to talk about all the possible solutions given what the seller does or doesn’t.

    • Yes it is ok to write a little bit more than 5 pages but not more then 8 pages.
      Try to keep it short and focus on the principles

      • 🙂 okey thanks

        • We are wondering when you’ll put the old exam on the website, we wish to begin preparing the exam, it’s in less than 3 weeks now

          • One sample of an earlier written exam is now on the homepage.
            Question no 9 is not relevant in this course.

  19. Hi,

    I couldn’t be able to attend today’s summary lection. The exam will take place in next week but I really don’t have any idea of what and how i should study. Could you make a list of all necessary materials from the books that we should read? Will all lecture slides on the web be included in the exam? Is there any important thing that we should know for the exam? If you write a reference post for the exam, it will be great.

  20. Hello!

    When will our result from SEM1 and TEN1 be posted and made available on our accounts/studentportal?


  21. IS there any additional study for Re-take? Since you said that you will not ask question about public procurment, Is that included in this exam? I am aware that this exam will be much harder than the first one therefore any further to this exam, please inform us so we are prepare for it

    • Hi
      No new areas for the exam. Focus on same parts this time. There will be no questions on Public Procurement.
      Good luck on the exam.
      Best regards,

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